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Protect Your Family With Life Insurance

Anderson Insurance Brokers offers individual and group life insurance. Employers utilize group life insurance to provide keyman coverage, deferred compensation, executive bonus plans and as an incentive to retain employees. Individuals typically purchase life insurance for final expenses, family and debt protection, estate planning, and charitable trusts.

Even if you have life insurance coverage through your employer, you can buy more coverage to ensure that your loved ones have the money they need in the event you're not there to provide for them.

There are two primary types of life insurance that you can buy: term and permanent. Term life insurance policies have a set duration limit on the coverage period. Unlike term life insurance policies, permanent insurance generally provides lifetime coverage. Permanent policies combine a death benefit with a cash value and the policy is typically for the life of the insured customer.

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Whole life insurance: With fixed, level premiums and conservative accumulation, it's easy to understand how your whole life insurance policy works with no worry of losing value. Your policy has a guaranteed death benefit while providing access to a cash value which grows over time. Some whole life insurance policies can be completely paid up after a certain number of years.

Term life insurance: Term life insurance is probably one of the most popular forms of life insurance. You pay a premium that stays the same for a specific period and you get a tax-free death benefit. If something happens to you, your family can continue to pay for the things that your income had provided with help from the benefits of your term life insurance policy.

Universal life insurance: Universal Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance. It can provide affordable, guaranteed protection and flexibility. A Universal Life insurance policy provides the flexibility that allows you to change, within limits, the death benefit, timing, and amount of your premium. You can build your policy’s cash value or pay a lower premium and focus more on guaranteed protection.

We offer a variety of life insurance policies from some of the most trusted names in the insurance industry. Allow one of our experienced agents to perform a needs analysis and do the research for you, your family, and our general business liabilities. Request a quote for our life insurance coverage plans.
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